Social Media Marketing

Our knowledge of the social media landscape combines content, data, and design to create immersive social experiences that establish customer trust and inspire their loyalty 

1. Audience Analysis & Social Listening

To understand what moves your customers, we study them on a personal level. We look into market demographics with a specific focus on the behaviour attitudes, lifestyles and interests of your target customers. 

We use Synthesio and other social listening tools to learn what people are saying about your brand, your competition, industry, and other related topics. 

We also identify the platforms your competitors use most effectively and study them to find opportunities for your brand to exploit. ,

2. Channel Strategy

Every social platform offers unique benefits. Our approach ensures your brand speaks on the right platforms and creates ideal content for each channel. 

Whether your joining social for the first time or looking to enhance your customers’ experience, we will optimise your online presence through carefully positioned calls to action, new branding and more

3. Content Creation

Content rules digital. As  your dedicated social media partner, our expertise at design and copywriting allows us to deliver captivating copy in multiple formats, from  story driven posts to compelling ads. 

 Organic social

Although large scale reach has mostly become a paid endeavour, organic content has remained a key point of contact. Successful businesses make the most of it 

As part of our organic content strategy, we will create content calendars for each channel and customise messaging and content for your unique audiences

Paid Social 

When it’s time to enhance your organic efforts, our paid media team will launch precisely targeted ads. We will continually monitor audience and creative performance, and optimize your spends to ensure your budget is utilised with utmost efficiency. 


4. Reporting & Optimization

Reporting allows us to determine the best ways to improve targeting, create more advocates for your brand, and expand your company’s share of voice across all channels. We provide detailed reports, usually on a monthly basis. 

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