Paid Media

 We identify, evaluate, conceptualise, and reach your target market at the right time using multi-media strategies across the customer journey.  Whether you’re just starting out or optimising an ongoing campaign, we will work with you to improve your paid media performance from the start. 

Our Process

1. Market & Audience Analysis

Our experts use both tools and traditional research methods to identify your competitors’ activities and uncover untapped market opportunities. Analytics, social media monitoring, and business data help us define your target audience and understand their unique interests and online behavior, allowing us to make informed channel and targeting decisions.

2. Campaign Design

With a deep understanding of your audience, we create campaigns that deliver results. Our team designs audience segments, establishes spending plans, develops creative, and outlines a plan for testing and optimization once the campaigns are launched.

3. Search Engine Advertising

With over 3.5 billion daily searches on Google alone, appearing on the first page is crucial. Our search engine advertising strategies help get your brand to the top, increasing visibility and attracting potential customers. Based on audience and keyword research, our targeted ads provide the right information, calls-to-action, and messaging to get users clicking.

4. Social Media Marketing

With its powerful targeting capabilities, creative format options, and cost-effectiveness, social media is a top-performing channel for paid advertising. Our experts excel in building, monitoring, and optimizing social media campaigns across major networks. Display & Retargeting Advertising

Display and retargeting keep your brand top-of-mind and take advantage of the massive reach of popular websites. Our approach may include Google Display Network buys, direct buys on specialist sites where your audience is found, and programmatic advertising for even greater targeting precision.

5. YouTube In-Stream Ads

Make a big impression on your target audience with our engaging and informative YouTube in-stream ads, created by our expert creative team.


6. Reporting

Our team continuously tracks KPIs to measure performance against campaign goals and identify areas for improvement. We provide regular reports on campaign successes and suggest ways to optimize performance, allowing us to allocate spend to higher-performing channels and maximize advertising reach.


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