Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Make effective business decisions with data-driven insights and impactful market intelligence. 

Our Process

1. Setup

We gather the data and put it all together so we can make the most of it. We make sure website analytics are effectively set up  and that we are monitoring the right conversions and goals. 

Outside your website, we’ll utilise various tools to collect and process data, from Synthesio to Moz SEO for organic search performance. Furthermore, we compile data from ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter. 

2. Visualization

Next, we’ll work with you to determine KPI’s that evaluate progress against your set goals and objectives. This usually involves the use of a marketing dashboard to monitor progress, through tools like Google data studio, Sprinklr, Adobe Analytics, and others. 

Visualization integrates data streams from across your digital channels to tell one big story – and that can make the biggest difference. This approach is particularly effective when we combine analytics data with real-world operational statistics from your business. 

3. Reporting & Optimization

We’ll send reports on a regular basis, usually monthly, to evaluate the progress of your marketing and inform you of the emerging trends and insights. 

Our paid media specialists and copywriters often have insights into why one message or audience does better than the others. By testing these theories, we can optimise intelligently, and deliver high-performance marketing. 



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