Audio Visual Production

Our approach to Audio Visual production helps you achieve  goals while running your business and also building brand loyalty through a complete integration of audiovisual solutions for your media platforms and events

Our Process


1. Strategy

We’ll work with you to determine the core message you want to communicate, gather insights on your target viewers, and define a realistic budget and timeline.

2. Planning  

Keeping your core message in mind, we will propose a creative approach and plan on what to include in your audio visual project. 

The planning process may include 

  • – Story boarding: Visualising your video so we can plan for the shots needed during production .
  • – Scheduling: Creating a production schedule that covers the people, places, and things needed to take these shots.

Pre Production

3. Scouting a location 

We will scout and secure the locations needed to tell your story, while making sure to anticipate and prepare for any challenges that may arise. 

4. Talent Acquisition 

Depending on the objective of your production, the talent acquisition process may occur in a number of ways. 

If you’re filming a scripted story with actors, we will find talent that fits the nature of the story 

If you are recording a how to or video testimonial, we may interview your 

schedule that covers the people, places, and things needed to take these shots 



Based on the nature of your video,  This step may include capturing b-roll footage, conducting interviews with guests, recording voiceovers and creating animations. 

6. Post production 

Now, we’ll take your project from raw footage to a polished video ready for distribution. Our post production process involves 

  • Editing: choosing the best shots, splicing clips to ensure the video is the right length and that it contains the only relevant content. 
  • Sound editing: Adding background tracks and additional sound effects to complement the mood and tone of your video 
  • Graphics: Emphasising the message within the video with text and graphics, so it is more impactful and visually appealing. 

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